Improve MongoDB Performance with Proper Queries

Improve MongoDB Performance with Proper QueriesPlease join Percona’s Sr. Technical Operations Architect, Tim Vaillancourt, as he presents Improve MongoDB Performance with Proper Queries on Thursday, November 29th, 2018, at 12:30 PM PST (UTC-8) / 3:30 PM EST (UTC-5).

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There are many different ways you can use queries in MongoDB to find the data you need. However, knowing which queries are slowing down your performance can be a challenge. In this webinar we’ll discuss the following:

  • Performing ad hoc queries on the database using the find or findOne functions and a query document.
  • How to query for ranges, set inclusion, inequalities, and more using $-conditionals.
  • How to use and sort queries that return a database cursor, which lazily returns batches of documents as you need them.
  • What pitfalls you can encounter when performing the many available meta operations on a cursor, including skipping a certain number of results, and limiting the number of results returned.

By the end of this webinar you will have a better understanding of which queries impact performance. Moreover, you’ll understand how to leverage open source tools to monitor queries.

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