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I have an expansive knowledge of the Orwellian/NWO criminal spy network, primarily based in London, but in reality a worldwide network, which has been committing surveillance atrocities for many decades, having been involved with them for well over 20 years. This page is a hall of fame of some of them, many of them whom I knew personally, in a strange involvement which actually goes back to 1993. As far as I can establish, this is the first time in UK history that the names of these criminals has been released for public perusal. It should be noted that despite their respecatble and usually extremely well heeled public personas, they are in fact very serious criminals, and engaged in activities which are listed at Litvincenko. I personally watched these people engaged in these activities, which are fundamentally war crime level criminal for a period of 5 years directly between 2000 - 2005, and met most of them in the late 90's The crimes they are involved in are crimes against humanity using extreme surveillance technology, and have been in operation now for at least 30 years. Victims of these people need a human rights lawyer, because once they start, they never ever stop manipulating the victim, who can no longer trust any event which happens in their day, quite literally. The victims life is effectively ruined in every conceivable way. Starting with the head of this network, who "got the job" in 1998, who I have known personally since that point and was directly involved with between 2001 - 2005. I also attended his wedding in Nov 2004 at the Marylebone Town Hall some 9 months after I had been made homeless by the same man at 47 years old. Unknown to me, this was to be the beginning of a 13 years period of extreme surveillance abuse, on a level and scale not seen before in history on any individual. There have been an estimatewd 40,000 instances of surveillance abuse in that time, many documented, with around 15,000 occurring in the last 5 years since Williams paid me a personal visit. The staggering scale of the criminality of this man is completely hidden from the UK public and belies his outward appearance as a respectable member of society. Photos of Williams, taken at his wedding in 2004, were stolen around 4 years ago after a personal visit to Doncaster in 2013 and if anyone can obtain any recent photos of the man please get in touch. He is now 58 and lives in Mayfair London. None of the spies who appear on this page work for MI5, GCHQ or similar, and they are definitely not spying in the national interest. In fact the network has been committing murders on a regular basis, going back to Robert Maxwell and beyond, and always obfuscating ensuing enquiries. A human rights compensation case is sought against psychopathic Williams, who is one of the most seriously criminal spies in UK history and 2 of his associates for what he has been doing to me for 20+ years now, and which is likely to continue for the rest of my life. I am 60 years old.
Yves Williams Dec 2018 The UK's head spy since 1998
‘Go and look for your property”
Yves Williams 58, of Mayfair – Sept 2006
Williams retort to me after I confronted him over the phone about my missing Maida Vale property, which mysteriously disappeared at the cusp of 2000, with, on subsequent investigation, all the paperwork having disappeared – this was the beginning of a nightmare 13 year period (and counting) of extreme surveillance abuse in a huge variety of extremely inventive ways, and which had already been running some 7 years previously. Making a total so far of a 20+ year life ruining descent in to the darkest depths of serious secret government Orwellian/NWO surveillance atrocities, crime, murder, esoterics, manipulation, intimidation, psychological abuse and the discovery of the incredible technology used by these people to carry out and conceal their crimes, along with  their highly suspect ideology, devotion to elitism and heavy symbolism. Williams had invited me to his wedding in Nov 2004, at the Marylebone Town Hall, some 9 months after I had been made homeless, something I discovered later to be just a vehicle to send a subliminal message, which was to become a huge part of the ongoing manipulation, intimidation and psychological abuse program.

More resources on this below, this is a global problem, with many so called “respectable” web and other companies involved, ultimately, the trail goes back to Wall Street and similar with an associated ideology steeped in elitism & symbolism and an obsession with people “providing value” and “contributing to society” despite most of these people doing no such thing.

Brian Harvey

Shane Gibbs

Scott Snitzer

What has actually been going on for the last 30 years is the biggest atrocity since the Nazi holocaust, and it is completely undetectable to most people.

Victims, whether they detect it or not, are in a nightmare world of esoteric and life ruining manipulation, where friends, family and colleagues have no idea what is happening to them.

The technology used in this has capabilities which are beyond most people’s comprehension and victims never know it has been done to them. It can affect you, your parents or your children at any time and your “government” knows about it but it is kept completely secret, to the point that many whistleblowers (usually ones with substantial resources) have been murdered.

I can assure you that it IS Going On Right Under Your EYES.

So far, neither Wikileaks nor Infowars will touch this story, an indicator that they are NOT necessarily the campaigners for truth they would have you believe.

Whether you are in the USA, UK, Russia or pretty much anywhere else, this can affect YOU.


E-book has  been put on hold due to continued and sustained surveillance abuse by Williams and a human rights compensation claim against him for what he has been doing to me for over 20 years is under way. Charges as follows

Prolonged and sustained victimization and manipulation via initially property fraud in
2000, deception, theft of life savings, coercion, manipulation,
psychological manipulation in to spying activities under deception, sustained
manipulation using extreme surveillance technology, psychological
abuse and manipulation (first stage), deliberately engineered and preplanned homelessness, continued manipulation of every aspect of my life for the next 13 years becoming eventually very extreme psychological abuse after a personal visit from Williams in 2013 and a phone call from Charles Gabriel in 2014, and constant
manipulation using again, extreme surveillance technology. Finally of
late numerous death threats and recommendations to get life insurance. The whole period spans 20+ years from 1997/8 to present. It still
continues to this day at age 60.

Williams has effectively turned me in to a real life version of the man in the Truman Show movie, and this is an extremely embarrassing thing to have to live with.

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Victims of UK Government Spy Property Frauds 1998 – 2003

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