Thousands of Google employees slam execs’ response to sexual misconduct

Enlarge (credit: Cyrus Farivar)

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Thousands of Google employees at the company’s headquarters walked out of work on Thursday to protest sexual misconduct. Many brought signs that included slogans that included: “End Rape Culture,” “Don’t be evil,” “Equality for all,” “Hey Google, WTF?” and “I deserve to feel safe @ work.”

Similar protests took place at numerous Google offices worldwide. The Thursday protests, which featured testimonials by people who say that they suffered harassment and misconduct and were not taken seriously by their superiors, marked one of the most visible instances of Silicon Valley workers protesting in recent years.

Protestors were galvanized by a recent New York Times report that chronicled three top executives who have received massive payouts over the past decade despite being credibly accused of sexual misconduct.

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