Sometimes you want to get a quick screenshot but don’t want to go to the lengths of opening up a full blown graphics program like Gimp, Cinepaint, Shutter etc. If you have ImageMagick installed you can quickly grab an area of the screen you are working on by simply issuing the import command on the fly, giving the resulting file any name you like. First install ImageMagick $ sudo yum -y install ImageMagick Click and
A clever little free open source browser from the LogicWare and Lsoft people is QtWeb Browser. Based on Webkit and Nokia’s QT frameworks, it is a fast and secure browser with a veritable multitude of useful features built in to it. It is cross platform and usable from a USB drive so you can carry it around with you if necessary. Some of the features include Customizable user interface You can move the navigation bar and
For those who like to play around in the terminal and have cool touch typing skills, IKog is a ToDo list manager that embodies the GTD methodology popular amongst those not at risk from heart attacks, suicide or corporate burnout and who are guaranteed to actually have enough money to live to be 100. Whether you are a corporate high flyer with a huge empire to run, or conversely you are not and are surviving
You may find that sometimes you need to use the Sun Java 6 version of the JDK as opposed to version 7 on your Centos box. Some projects may require the older version, additionally there are still some potential security issues in version 7 which regularly render Oracle as reminiscent of the boy with his finger in the dam. Until these are properly fixed you may wish to use JDK6 instead of or at least finally announces an overhauled Mac mini finally updates MacBook Air with Retina display, Touch ID for a mini-device: The Puppy Cube touch-controlled projector a new record-holder for closest human object to the Sun sector CO2 emissions are as lower than they have been since 1987

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