A note on the Infowars and AI elements today. Infowars is a profit making organization which relies on sensationalism to get views. They are not really interested in anything which really matters and have not responded to my report to them of a Global Criminal Surveillance Network which uses, among other things, satellite surveillance technology, nano tech and AI to decide WHO a target meets in the next 15 minutes. It is very well Subscribe
A note on the last two posts on Infowars. These things can not really be taken at face value in a world where your entire life can be manipulated by members of the Global Criminal Surveillance Network. It is almost impossible to tell who is part of it as it is so well hidden. Like Wikileaks, Infowars have not responded to my submission on the the use of satellite surveillance, nano tech, AI and a
An interesting move by Apple, who have removed Infowars podcasts from iTunes in a crackdown on supposed fake news. It is, of course, highly questionable which aspects of our lives are fake nowadays, given that the group of spies forming the Global Criminal Surveillance Network can actually decide WHO a target meets in the next 15 minutes. There are some people battling for YOUR human rights which you don’t even know have been seriously violated

https://t.co/Ptp4rRt8F3 finally announces an overhauled Mac mini https://t.co/ztbX7IDtGk

https://t.co/eR8vbzGg0Z finally updates MacBook Air with Retina display, Touch ID https://t.co/mXrVUNL7Uf

https://t.co/QHNnabwZhy for a mini-device: The Puppy Cube touch-controlled projector https://t.co/oJuorZpVip

https://t.co/Q95o1xAGzY a new record-holder for closest human object to the Sun https://t.co/K9tE55T7fd

https://t.co/R2rPZvQ7LP sector CO2 emissions are as lower than they have been since 1987 https://t.co/bWffXkPzb5

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