Nothing controversial today so meantime we just look at a Mongo DB JSON Validator, take a light hearted look at the world of self taught development and finally, a look at Lenovo’s bargain tablet. Remember to take a look at Anatomy of a Pyschopath for details on what is actually the story of the century and the biggest human rights issue since the Nazi holocaust. Its not only in the UK and USA, it’s everywhere
So we took a look at pointless elections yesterday and established that, given the sheer scale size, capabilities and actual numbers of the hidden criminal surveillance network, actually voting for anyone at all in any election in any country is a complete waste of time. Now we have large tech companies having a secret meeting to discuss the same. People need to realize that we are controlled and manipulated, via some pretty serious technology and
An interesting article on US elections, which given that the entire political and capitalist landscape is controlled by surveillance criminals, are a little pointless. As in the UK (and others) your entire world is controlled by a huge criminal network, which among many other things can decide exactly WHO you meet in the next 15 minutes. This capability actually extends to any members of congress or parliament, many of whom live in a world of
An interesting artical on Artificial Intelligence from Adobe and its ability to predict the best time to send an Email. They are not the first though, and people may notice regular notifications from Google about the “importance” of a particular email in their inbox. They actually decide whats important! Well, thats not the only thing which can be decided and probably the most fundamentally criminal of all time is the ability to decide WHO you
An interesting article on Artificial Intelligence and who it is accountable to. Well, that’s the people who use it to commit serious abuses of human rights as in the video on my page at Anatomy of a Pyschopath. Google are found to be still tracking people who expressly forbid it. Given that they are also a part of the surveillance network documented in the above link, that’s hardly surprising. It seems that from here on DC Super-Villains review: A familiar, simple romp through the DCU Intel is cancelling its 10nm process. Intel: No, we’re not Webinar Thurs 10/25: Why Do Developers Prefer MongoDB? shut down self-driving school bus pilot in Florida Theft Auto V hack exposed single-player games to malicious trolls

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