Minimal Linux is a Blog on Linux and Tech by Paul Anthony McGowan, a Web Developer and consultant from the UK and owner of Xhostcom

It covers a variety of topics including a controversial one which Wikileaks have so far not touched, that being the use of Satellite Surveillance, Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, DNA mapping and complex predictive mathematical algorithms on targeted individuals by what is effectively a highly secretive criminal network which is actually YOUR government. It was referenced in 2015 by David Cameron (ex UK Prime Minister) in his "We will not leave you alone" speech.
David Cameron May 2015
For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens ‘as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone’,”
David Cameron – May 2015
For the first time in UK history a “Prime Minister” admitted to an association with what is effectively a very large criminal network. 

However, it doesn’t matter which country you reside in as it is a Global network, so is something you really do need to know. You WILL have it in your country.

What is being done to victims of these criminals using this technology is beyond the comprehension of most normal rational human beings and most victims will never know it has been done to them.

It involves capabilities of controlling your life which are a first in world history and is done to victims consistently on a daily basis often over decades. It is also how the Litvincenko assassination was carried out, and I am in the unfortunate position of actually knowing personally 2 of the people involved in that assassination which remains covered up.

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Also keep a look out for my Ebook about my involvement with these criminals over the last 20 years which makes Orwell, Kafka, MKUltra and Monarch Programs, the Truman Show movie and many others look like something from Disneyworld and my battle to get restitution of London properties including mine, which were lost in the social clearances (see below) to government/spy fraud. The use of this technology and the ideology behind it has now become one of the biggest human rights issue on the planet. I was left homeless in 2004 aged 47 by Williams after participating under deception in one of his “projects” of the period and being defrauded out of my valuable Maida Vale property. I was then subjected to 13 years of the most appalling surveillance abuse yet devised in history, which continues to this very day, making a total now of over 20 years of the same.

It explodes the myth of “spying in the national interest” and an awful lot of other things including the involvement of the likes of Google, Facebook and many others on the internet side, corporations, banks and in particular, just how big it actually IS, the fanaticism, elitism and inherent criminality of those involved.

It also reveals the real killers of Alexandra Litvincenko in 2006, one of whom has been head of the “UK arm” of this network since the late 90s and who to this day, 12 years later, reside in Central London. They are conveniently helped by what is clearly an extremely corrupt regime. The book on Litvincenko by Luke Harding “A Very Expensive Poison” paints a totally untrue picture of the horrific murder and, additionally a false portrayal of a Russia at war with the west. It is in fact just a propaganda filled profit making exercise characteristic of the way that this network operates. The fact is there are many friends of Putin in London working as spies in this network, a very cosy and deceptive arrangement, and essentially an Orwellian/NWO setup, an exclusive club to which most of us are not invited.

It covers the criminal surveillance activities of the head of this network since 1998, Mayfair resident Yves Williams, the UK’s secret Otto Eichmann, also responsible for massive social clearances in London between 1998 – 2003 for which he and the UK government owe victims an estimated £300 million, when 1000’s of people mysteriously “lost” their valuable properties and were forced to move out. Many of those people were and are continually manipulated using technology similar to that in the video below, with the added bonus that they have events triggered during their day, and regularly have decided for them exactly WHO they meet in the next 15 minutes. This horrific abuse of human rights needs to be addressed urgently, it has already been going on for decades. Yves Williams 58, who is the UK’s chief architect of the use of this technology and head of the UK’s criminal Orwellian/NWO spy network since 1998, is perhaps one of the the most evil, psychopathic and Machiavellian characters in UK history.

The officers in that case,  Craig Mascall and successor Matt Gosling, can not trust ANY event which happens in their day, however, are not investigating my account, which covers over 20+ years of involvement with these people. it seems they have no real interest in actually solving the case.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what anyone can become a victim of, and what I have been a victim of for well over 20 years. It was rolled out in the UK some 30 years ago but can happen to you, your parents or your children at any time and they will never know it has happened. The UK has in fact been running a holocaust style eugenics program for the best part of 30 years using this technology and an army of an estimated 10000 spies in London alone.

This is a very serious human rights issue and I am making a human rights compensation claim against Williams and 2 of his associates, for what they have been doing to me using this technology for well over 20 years, including the fraud on my Maida Vale property, manipulation in to spying activities under deception and a whole lot more, which continues today at age 60. It is estimated that there are 100,000 victims of this in the UK alone today, and it is impossible to calculate the actual number since its introduction around 30 years ago. The truth about our society today is that most people actually need a human rights lawyer, not a politician.

If this is investigated properly and fairly, the UK government could be liable to pay untold amounts in compensation to victims (those who are still alive) over the last 30 years, with many life imprisonment sentences handed out to the numerous participants over that period who can can traced.

This is a global problem, with many so called “respectable” web and other companies involved, ultimately, the trail goes back to Wall Street and similar with an associated ideology steeped in elitism & symbolism and an obsession with people “providing value” and “contributing to society” despite most of these people doing no such thing.

What has actually been going on for the last 30 years is the biggest atrocity since the Nazi holocaust, and it is completely undetectable to most people.

Victims, whether they detect it or not, are in a nightmare world of esoteric and life ruining manipulation, where friends, family and colleagues have no idea what is happening to them.

The technology used in this has capabilities which are beyond most people’s comprehension and most victims never know it has been done to them. It can affect you, your parents or your children at any time and your “government” knows about it but it is kept completely secret, to the point that many whistleblowers (usually ones with substantial resources) have been murdered.

Whether you are in the USA, UK, Russia or pretty much anywhere else, this can affect YOU.


E-book has  been put on hold due to continued and sustained surveillance abuse by Williams and a human rights compensation claim against him for what he has been doing to me for over 20 years is under way. Charges as follows

Prolonged and sustained victimization and manipulation via initially property fraud in
2000, deception, theft of life savings, coercion, manipulation,
psychological manipulation in to spying activities under deception, sustained
manipulation using extreme surveillance technology, psychological
abuse and manipulation (first stage), deliberately engineered and preplanned homelessness, continued manipulation of every aspect of my life for the next 13 years becoming eventually very extreme psychological abuse after a personal visit from Williams in 2013 and a phone call from Charles Gabriel in 2014, and constant
manipulation using again, extreme surveillance technology. Finally of
late numerous death threats and recommendations to get life insurance. The whole period spans 20+ years from 1997/8 to present. It still
continues to this day at age 60 years and 3 months.

Williams has effectively turned me in to a real life version of the man in the Truman Show movie, and this is an extremely embarrassing thing to have to live with.

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Victims of UK Government Spy Property Frauds 1998 – 2003

And see below human rights indicttment against one of the most seriously criminal psychopaths in UK history.