At its CES press conference today, LG outlined its entire TV lineup for 2019. We already went over the basic features and specs of LG’s new OLED and LCD TVs late last week, and we also reported that the TVs will ship with Apple AirPlay support. But there was one notable TV that wasn’t revealed until today: the LG Signature OLED TV R (65R9), which has a display that can roll up and disappear into its base when you’re not using it.

Watch the video of LG’s stage presentation to see the R in action, if you can stomach some intense marketing speak. Among other things, LG calls the TV “a revolutionary innovation that helps address the very human need for an aesthetically pleasing environment” and says it is “redefining space” to offer unprecedented levels of “immersion” and “a new level of space integration.” Accordingly, it will “roll out the future” to consumers.

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