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A common theme of gamer-oriented hardware is that it’s ostentatious and often ugly, with bright lights and logos and LEDs making it all feel rather distasteful. Lenovo’s Legion gaming hardware consciously bucks that trend by producing machines that offer gaming specs (and all the colorful lighting that for some reason goes with those specs) while still looking respectable and grown-up once you turn all the colored lights off.

Lenovo says that this is a very deliberate decision; after consulting with a wide range of gamers, the company found that an overall more conservative appearance was popular with gamers of all ages. While configurable RGB lighting is popular, many would-be buyers of gaming systems want the ability to turn all that off and have a machine that doesn’t look out of place in the office or classroom. The price of gaming systems often means that they’ll be their owners’ sole or primary system, which makes this kind of adaptability important. Systems with an ominous red glow, angular designs, and aggressive styling might appeal to some buyers but lack this kind of “acceptable anywhere” versatility.

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