HBO is none too pleased about President Trump's Friday tweet.

Enlarge / HBO is none too pleased about President Trump’s Friday tweet. (credit: HBO)

Friday morning saw President Trump use Twitter to issue a rare kind of foreign-policy announcement: a slogan lifted from a pop-culture meme, repurposed to vaguely suggest political action to come. And it drew criticism from one significant party: HBO, who cited its “trademark” in disapproving the President’s choice of message.

That response came as a result of Trump using both a Game of Thrones-styled typeface (including its crossed-O design) and a co-opting of that series’ popular “Winter is coming” motto. Trump’s version twists the phrase to announce, “sanctions are coming,” which is an apparent call to reinstate economic sanctions against Iran that had been lifted in a landmark 2015 deal made by an international coalition.

When asked by Ars Technica about this post by the President, HBO offered a one-sentence statement: “We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes.”

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