Google’s cellular service gets rebranded, offers support for iPhones

Enlarge (credit: Google Fi)

Hot off the release of fully encrypted traffic earlier this month, Google’s cellular service, Project Fi, is getting a new name and greatly expanded device support—although that device support comes with some caveats.

The rebrand is easy—Project Fi is losing its “Project” designation and is now just “Google Fi.” There’s a sweet new logo that you can see above, which renders “Fi” in a Google-colored line art that is increasingly becoming a trend in Google’s iconography. Google spoiled this a bit by sending out “Google Fi” flyers (complete with the new logo) with some Pixel 3 purchases earlier this month, but now it’s official. It looks like the Fi website has gotten redesigned, too.

Project Fi’s biggest problem has always been the limited device support, but, along with the rebrand, Google says Fi “now works with the majority of Android devices and iPhones.” This sounds like a big improvement from the handful of Fi-compatible devices, but that additional device support is a little complicated. First we need to talk about how Fi normally works.

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