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If you’re interested in a review of Diablo III: Eternal Edition for the Nintendo Switch, here’s a quick one. The new version, out on Friday for $59.99, is still Diablo III. The game’s existing versions on PC and console are nearly identical to this new Switch port, and that’s great news.

Over the past few years, Blizzard climbed quite the corpse-laden mountain to get this dungeon-crawling game past its troubled 2012 launch. The worst we could say last year, upon the launch of a $15 DLC expansion, was that the core of Diablo III had already improved tremendously for all existing players—and thus rendered the paid Necromancer pack a bit moot.

So on Nintendo Switch, everything about Diablo III, from its basic, loot-driven combat to its expansive, “seasons”-driven endgame, is the same. (Every DLC add-on and free patch from the console and PC versions arrives here intact.) Yet, it’s also born anew on this platform. Diablo III truly is the ultimate kind of game to work on Nintendo’s hybrid console. It works as well for satisfying, quick-burst combat as it does marathon bed-battle sessions.

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