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Wall Street supersharks Amazon look to take over Tivo TV and an article on fake news, in a world where everything in your life can be staged (and faked) is any of this of any relevance to ordinary decent people who are just trying to fathom out why they cant pay next weeks gas bill? This could be because they are working for Amazon, who’s employees in the UK often earn less than £200 PW and sleep in tents. Subscribe to the newsletter to find out more about how we are run by a seriously criminal global surveillance network with an ideology steeped in elitism and symbolism, and why you cant trust anything which happens in your day. There are some people battling for YOUR human rights which you don’t even know have been seriously violated and placing themselves in extremely vulnerable positions because of it. Please DONATE if possible to help keep alive one of your very few sources of real information.

Author: Paul Anthony McGowan

Web Technology & Linux Enthusiast, Javascript Afficiado, General Observer Of World Corruption. Builder Of A Variety Of Web Properties And Campaigner Against Serious Government Criminality. Founder of Vorteasy

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