Expert: Sarah Sanders tweeted altered Acosta video

Video expert Abba Shapiro told the Associated Press that he believes the White House circulated a doctored video of an interaction between CNN reporter Jim Acosta and a White House intern.

In the above video, Shapiro walks frame by frame through the AP’s unaltered clip of the incident and the clip of the incident that the White House circulated. The beginning of the clip has extra frames that would be indicative of an alteration to slow the clip down, and then the actual moment of the incident is sped up to make Acosta’s actions look more aggressive than they actually were.

On Wednesday, a White House intern tried to take a microphone away from the Acosta as he was asking President Trump questions that the president didn’t want to answer. Acosta held on to the microphone, but how aggressively he held that microphone has been in dispute. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders accused Acosta of “placing his hands” on the intern, although the video Sanders shared doesn’t appear to support this, and the Reuters reporter next to Acosta says he merely saw the reporter hold on to his microphone.

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