So we took a look at pointless elections yesterday and established that, given the sheer scale size, capabilities and actual numbers of the hidden criminal surveillance network, actually voting for anyone at all in any election in any country is a complete waste of time. Now we have large tech companies having a secret meeting to discuss the same. People need to realize that we are controlled and manipulated, via some pretty serious technology and an accompanying network of spies, on a daily basis. Living in a world which is Robocop meets the Truman Show is not most peoples idea of the future, but thats what you’ve got. Facial recognition technology, apparently introduced 3 days ago in the linked article, has been around much longer than that, as probably most people know.
See my info page at Anatomy of a Pyschopath for a little more and a word about some of the people involved. They have actually been doing this for at least 30 years now and it is effectively the most seriously criminal “government” in world history. A classic method of operation is what is commonly and slightly wrongly referred to as “gang stalking”, but even more sinister aspects are the numerous murders going back to Robert Maxwell and beyond which are covered up or attributed to “some random foreign spy agency”. Its not only in the UK and USA, its everywhere and is a serious human rights issue which can and does affect millions of people, usually completely destroying their lives. There are some people battling for YOUR human rights which you don’t even know have been seriously violated and placing themselves in extremely vulnerable positions because of it. Subscribe to newsletter to keep informed and please DONATE if possible to help keep alive one of your very few sources of real information.

Author: Paul Anthony McGowan

Web Technology & Linux Enthusiast, Javascript Afficiado, General Observer Of World Corruption. Builder Of A Variety Of Web Properties And Campaigner Against Serious Government Criminality. Founder of Vorteasy

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