An interesting article on Artificial Intelligence and who it is accountable to. Well, that’s the people who use it to commit serious abuses of human rights as in the video on my page at Anatomy of a Pyschopath. Google are found to be still tracking people who expressly forbid it. Given that they are also a part of the surveillance network documented in the above link, that’s hardly surprising. It seems that from here on in (and from the beginning) surveillance criminals are going to do exactly what they like regarding your human rights. In a world where some psychopath 1000’s of miles away can decide WHO you meet in the next 15 minutes and you are just considered a revenue generating vehicle for Wall Street sharks, people are in for a very rough (and secretive) ride unless they wake up. There are some people battling for YOUR human rights which you don’t even know have been seriously violated and placing themselves in extremely vulnerable positions because of it. Subscribe to newsletter to keep informed and please DONATE if possible to help keep alive one of your very few sources of real information.

Author: Paul Anthony McGowan

Web Technology & Linux Enthusiast, Javascript Afficiado, General Observer Of World Corruption. Builder Of A Variety Of Web Properties And Campaigner Against Serious Government Criminality. Founder of Vorteasy

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