I would say that they are doing a little more with Artificial Intelligence than just recognizing your walk. They are actually doing things in tandem with Satellite Surveillance, Nano Tech, DNA mapping and more which are beyond the comprehension of most normal rational human beings. Watch out for a forthcoming post on my experiences as a target for the criminals behind the global satellite surveillance network, as a prelude to an E-book I am writing about my 20 years of manipulation from the people behind it. It is very definitely a must read and covers the subject and its many, many victims (including many covered up murders) going back around 30 years, along with its origins since the 50’s. It is actually the story of the century and something which Wikileaks are too frightened to reveal. It makes Orwell, MKUltra & Monarch programs, Kafka, Truman Show and others look like a walk in the park, and you WILL have it in your country. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed.

Author: Paul Anthony McGowan

Web Technology & Linux Enthusiast, Javascript Afficiado, General Observer Of World Corruption. Builder Of A Variety Of Web Properties And Campaigner Against Serious Government Criminality. Founder of Vorteasy

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