Baobab is a useful graphical tool for checking the amount of disk space used on your system. It is available in the Epel repo as part of the gnome-utils package which contains a set of small desk accessory utility applications for GNOME, such as a dictionary, a disk usage analyzer, a screenshot tool and others.

Make sure that you have it installed with one of the following commands.

$ sudo yum -y install baobab

$ sudo yum -y install gnome-utils

Now you can use it with a couple of simple commands.

$ baobab /home/anton

Baobab Centos 6

$ baobab


Baobab places disk usage analysis in two panels.

Per-directory disk utilization stats are reported in numbers in the left panel whereas the overall disk utilization is visualized in the right panel.

In the ring chart right panel visualisation, multiple concentric circles show the directories from the directory tree, while the center of the circles corresponds to the root of the directory tree. 

The smaller a circle is, the higher a corresponding directory ranks in the directory hierarchy. Hovering a mouse over any particular directory will show the names of its sub-directories on the immediate outer circle. The relative sizes of the sub-directories can be assessed by comparing their sizes in a ring-shaped area.

Baobab also uses treemap charts in which overlapping rectangles are implemented to visualize the hierarchical structure of directories, where the outermost rectangle corresponds to the root of the directory tree, and the inner rectangles to sub-directories. The size of each rectangle indicates the size of a corresponding sub-directory. Again, you can hover a mouse to check the name of a sub-directory.

Baobab can analyze local folders as well as remote folders. To examine remote folders, click on “Scan a Remote Folder” button at the far right. Baobap supports SSH, FTP, WebDAV and Windows Share.

Author: Paul Anthony McGowan

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