It is with great sadness that I have to announce the demise of the once great CentOS Linux! I have used Centos for around 10 years now starting with Centos 6, however, it is starting to show cracks. Centos has always been rock solid but this comes at the price of losing some of the cutting edge features of distros like Fedora, Ubuntu, Mandriva, and others. Also support for graphics is not that great, in
  Interesting articles today on Grindr, Google & Facebook. In a world were you can not trust anything which happens in your day, even a chance meeting with a random stranger, it is especially poignant that an article appears on Facebook’s purported stance on what is actually a completely non existent Democracy. As it stands right now, and in fact for quite a number of decades, Democracy is a complete fallacy. With reports of people
  Interesting articles today on Five Eyes surveillance measures and Twitter and Facebook’s supposed stance on fringe groups. In a world were you can not trust anything which happens in your day, even a chance meeting with a random stranger, it might take some time to sift through the minefield of misinformation and get to the actual truth. With reports of people being manipulated using extremely advanced technology becoming widespread (although, of course, not in

Netbeans Live FTP Tutorial

Posted by Paul Anthony McGowan on 09/02/2018
Category: Linux
  A quick tutorial on using Netbeans IDE to build live WordPress sites (and others) using FTP connection with live update of code changes. It’s not quite as fancy as the Webstorm SSL version, but it is FREE, easy to set up and just as useful. I have been used to working on Linux with Virtual Hosts and transferring files to edit on live site via FTP so yesterday I decided to set up Netbeans
A quick look at the Dells XPS Desktop deal available at the time of writing for $700, you might want to check it out. Moving on to the perennial problem of privacy in technology or rather the lack of it. It’s a little more serious than in both posts on this subject and you should probably take a look at Anatomy of a Pyschopath for details on what is actually the story of the century finally announces an overhauled Mac mini finally updates MacBook Air with Retina display, Touch ID for a mini-device: The Puppy Cube touch-controlled projector a new record-holder for closest human object to the Sun sector CO2 emissions are as lower than they have been since 1987

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